Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Fail at Post SHTF Container Gardening Letting Your Family Die

Back in May I posted that I had started a container garden on the patio of my apartment. With little to no experience in gardening at all I started it all on a whim and with no information at all. Big mistake number one. I didn't take into account when anything should have been planted, or sprouted first or whatever, never took into account different soil variations for different plants and so on and so forth. I definitely had some special issues due to my patio being so small and adding on a full sized BBQ that we had purchased so that I could get familiar with BBQ'n before the shit hits the fan (yeah, I'm that much not a man). Needless to say at this point in the year I can safely say that if we were post apocalypse right now, my family would be f@$?ed right about now...I just killed my family lol. The good thing is, we're not post SHTF so the groceries are still coming. A few things I mentioned earlier attributed to my agriculturist demise, but also add on August having uncharacteristically warm days for here and me having no plan to supplement my crops with water in a consistent manner and my crops have been drying out frequently. Also apparently I've got aphids, which at this int doesn't matter as everything is pretty much dead and pathetic, so I've caved on my first year of growing. A complete and utter failure. For a while it was looking pretty good, had carrots growing pretty well, the cucumber plants were going crazy, little baby cucumbers everywhere, the peas were doing well for a while and the tomatoes were looking good. But in the end I got lazy and discouraged and everything died. I know for sure, that I'm going to spend a lot of this fall and winter preparing mentally for next year. Going to learn everything I can about anything and everything that I would want to grow, so that when spring comes around next year I'll be good to go, and living large once the product hits the table. Just goes to show that there is a lot of this that you can't just jump into without the information to back it up. Exactly what I got into this stuff for...information and knowledge. So I guess from one beginner to any of you that are considering yourselves beginners, learn your trade before you apply it lol. So with all that being said, I won't be discouraged from trying again. I know it's not uncommon for people to fail at their first attempts at gardening, and I'm fully aware that that attempts was pluralized for a reason, I may very well fail again next year, even armed with the information I acquire this year. So if your reading this, and you've failed only to become a good gardener one day, why don't you leave the tale of your failed garden and maybe perhaps what turned the tide for you and your gardens since. Maybe links to sites that directly helped you, or books you've read. Help a pre-post-SHTF-EOTWAWKI-brother out lol.

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