Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Last week I started a blog that came to me as I mindlessly worked at my day job, a blog where people could anonymously confess to thoughts, wishes or fears that they have pertaining to the end of the world as we know it. I was thinking of this as I thought how I feared my youngest daughters autism would be a hindrance or at the very least a difficulty after the end of the world. I immediately realized the importance of this idea, I almost wanted to leave work and go home and start it IMMEDIATELY. But I didn't lol, but I did start it as soon as I got home. What I did do with the rest of that work day, was talk with people that understood the concept of theorizing about TEOTWAWKI and asking them their fears and thoughts on the matter. So along with some of my own, and those people's thoughts made up the first several "confessions" on the blog. I've since received other "confessions" I'm people not directly related to me in any way, so the blog is off to a legitimate start. After some start up "tweeting" I have gotten a few other preppers at least interested in the concept and hopefully with their involvement, even a tiny involvement, and word of mouth movement on the web, I hope that this concept can gain traction and take off, as I think that this can provide some good value to the prepping community. How so you say, well I'll digress lol. Through confessing our worries, thoughts, and wishes, we can learn how others, not us, are thinking about every aspect of the end of society. We often talk about violence and disparity after what ever event occurs, but we don't often go into deep, gritty, and dark details about it. We don't know how we each intend to specifically deal with these worries as well. The little details into how we all think could be the difference between surviving and not. So I think getting everyone's deepest darkest thoughts as they pertain to TEOTWAWKI definitely has a value, and really hope the community embraces and nurtures this mission of mine.

Here's a link to the blog

Check it out, and even if you don't want to partake or even see the value of it, spread the word to those who might, try and not to deprive those around you from the chance to be a part of something that could be great.

So now, with that said and explained, I'll just repost the submissions post from the blog so that if you feel inclined to partake in this movement, you will know the ways to go about it. Especially considering most bloggers that use blogspot are unfamiliar and almost afraid of Tumblrs format.

"Confessions can be light hearted, funny or even heavy, it’s up to you how real you want to keep your confession. But keep in mind that these are confessions and some people are baring their souls, so show some tact when submitting content. At this time I do intend to publish every confession I receive, but retain the right to disregard any submission at my discretion. Once you’ve submitted your confession it/they become to soul property of TEOTWAWKI CONFESSIONS and it’s operators and may be posted on sister-blogs and subsidiary promotional sites such as but not limited to , , and
If you would like to submit you own teotwawki confession(s) you can do so in These three ways.
1. Send it in an email to DUROGITY (at) GMAIL.COM
2. Tweet it as an @reply to @durogity on twitter, however this would take away some of your anonymity.
3. You could join the Facebook group and contact me there.
When submitting your confession write it exactly as you would like it posted. Also if you have a picture that you would like used, either send a copy to me or send a link to the picture along with your confession. If a picture or link to one is not included I will assume you trust my judgment in finding a suitable picture to accent your confession. "

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