Saturday, August 18, 2012

EOTWAWKI Movie Review "The Dead"

Set amidst the African landscape "The Dead" is a throwback to zombie movies of long ago. The zombies in this movie are the classic slow moving, mindlessly wandering zombies of classic zombie movies past. The movie really focuses on two protagonists an American army engineer who's plane crashed after narrowly escaping an army base over run with zombies, and an African soldier that's trying to be reunited with his son. I have mixed feelings on this movie. One thing I've never liked about the original slow moving zombies is that, they are slow moving and easy to get away from. They don't even try to actively get you, at times they seem to randomly fall onto victims by chance and then bite them. But the freaky thing about them, and what gives this movie a creepy ambiance is that no matter where they are or what they were just doing, there's always a zombie like ten meters away, always. So they can never stop or rest or anything, without the ever present zombie horde eventually making its way over to them. The one thing I liked about this film though, is that it seemed really real. What some have called long and drawn out, I take as well perceived and real life like to the point of at times being boring. But real life is that way, even in a zombie apocalypse there isn't always going to be something going on at all times lol. So like I said, I'm mixed on whether or not I liked this film. I give it credit for wanting to be different in a genre that is overly cgi'd and overly action packed for the sake of entertainment. I'll try to keep this as spoilerless as single, but the ending was rather weak. It almost seemed like they didn't know what to do next, so they decided to just be over lol, and ended it as lamely as possible. But over all I don't hate that I'd watched the film, but I didn't find it worthwhile other than the Africa aspect of the film. As far as prepping aspects go there were little mention of anyone being prepared for anything and other than stopping to search bodies for ammo and gear, the people didn't do anything worth while mentioning. So I could say you should watch this film, but I can't say it would be the best movie viewing experience of your life.

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