Friday, April 5, 2013

It's been a while, anyone out there?

I'm going to assume I'd been hearing crickets right about now, but I'll digress anyways lol. It's been several months since my last post, and while I'll admit I haven't done a lot in the way of prepping since my last post, I will however state that I haven't done nothing. A few purchases here and a couple new thoughts there along with some intermittent learning and. Arrive here today. The main catalyst for my absence was a cross country move back in October. Our youngest daughter whom was diagnosed with classic autism at the age of 18 months started to show signs of bipolar disorder at the age of 14. With the two disorders life became very hard, and living in a small community in a small (numbers wise) territory in northern canada with no real services available, the move back to civilization became all too nessisary. Now being a mostly unplanned move made it a. Pretty costly, and b. very badly planned and executed. So with the cost and lack of jobs in place, we've spent these many months with barely enough money to scrape by, hence the lack of anything preppry. I pretty much altogether ceased even looking at stuff online or in person, due to the fact that it drove me crazy not to be ale to purchase anything. So, what have I been up to since my last post? Lets list it off. 1. Upon arrival here I received my last "cool" purchase in the mail, and that was a katana sword which is pretty cool and very not me to purchase. Not that I wouldn't want a sword, but that spending money on something that I definitely will not get to use (properly that is) until the shit really has hit the fan, is really not like me. I have a hard time justifying things I will use, so this was a change of mindset purchase for me. 2. For Christmas I got myself one of those folding pocket style camping stoves and a wire saw.... I know what you're thinking, "whoa big spender, calm down now save some for the next guy lol" but I chose to really not get anything for Christmas so the kids could have something decent, especially with this potentially being our eldest daughters last at home. 3. Over the course of the six months, I've purchased a couple decent used bags to start putting together bug out bags for the rest of the family. So far, my bag is the only one that has anywhere near what one could survive off of, with the others containing more spill ove items from my bag that could be "left behind" if need be. But I eventually hope that all the bags with be self sufficient yet complimentary to each other. One of the secondary bags contains one of those butane stoves that we use to take camping with us, that if we were to have to bug out, would be very nice for cooking. It doesn't take up much space in the bag either, even with extra butane canisters. A little too bulky for my primary, but nicely in a secondary grab if we can handle it bag. 4. I haven't stopped watching any and every eotwawki movie or TV show I can get my hands on over the past few months, I would imagine you can expect reviews on most of them over the next while. Movies and TV shows keep the brain thinking about things I never thought of, s they're good for that. 5. I've recently started another garden, after last years utter failure I decided to try it again. This year I've started planting seedlings inside and hope to plant outside in a few weeks, here's hoping this venture goes better than previously. I'll more than likely write a more detailed description of the garden in anther post soon. On a semi unrelated side note, I alo stopped posting to the TEOTWAWKI CONFESSIONS blog back in October as well. Not that I don't have more confessions to post, I do, and in time I will. So if you follow that blog or wsh to participate in that movement check it out at and send in some confessions if the mood strikes you, just follow the instructions on that site about submissions. So with all that being said, hopefully this isn't the last post got another six months, do until next time, here's hoping you get why you need before the shit hits.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 More Overly Reckless Things to Do Before TEOTWAWKI

A ways back, I wrote a 7 Things list about 7 Overly Reckless Things to Do Before TEOTWAWKI, where I listed seven things you may wanna get out of the way before the end of mankind lol. Due to the dangerous nature of many of them, it would make little sense to participate in these activities once doctors aren't readily available.

1. Cliff Diving - This is the only thing on either of these lists that I've actually done haha, what a boring life I've lived, even though none of these activities particularly scare me. As far as cliff diving goes I've topped out at seventy fivish feet...and it was awesome. But from my 75 foot impact without a hitch I could see how easily this could go way wrong. And videos on AFV and the Internet a like, have shown me that water can mess you up pretty bad haha. So even though you may find yourself in a situation after TEOTWAWKI where you may NEED to leap off a cliff maybe in a desperate act of self preservation, you should go do this one act maybe tomorrow, or the weekend or something.

2. Base Jumping - In the movie Along Came Polly, Ben Stillers character described base jumping as one of the most dangerous things a human being can do, and without sounding too much like a scaredy cat, I have to agree with him. Base jumping is pretty much a combination a cliff diving and skydiving. The bases in base jumping can be anything from mountain faces to skyscrapers, pretty much anything that gives enough free fall time to deploy you parachute and not die. It's not hard to see why this would be something you should do before there aren't doctors or brand new equipment available.

3. Luging (street or ice) - ice luging as seen on the winter olympics is essentially riding on your back on a rocket sled down a waterslide-like track of speed and danger. Street luging is very similar, but you're sledding down the hills on you back on a sled that kinda resembles a fancy skateboard. Goes without saying, that this, especially street luging is insanely dangerous and should. Be avoided post SHTF, unless maybe you need too make a quick evac from a more dangerous situation. Wiping out a speeds approaching 100mph can lead to serious injury, impending infection, and maybe even death are highly probable. Death from impact at this speed is also very probable. Try to avoid head on impacts, goes without saying right lol.

4. Riding a Bull - Who doesn't want to get a raging psychotic of an animal and ride it as its trying to violently buck you off it's back so that it may kill you in retribution for humiliating it. I don't know if you know this, but bulls are massively huge animals that are especially amassed with huge gigantic muscles, all concentrating on killing you. Bull riders the world over find out exactly what the bull wants to do to them all the time. Bull riders get stomped on, kicked, thrown and even gored for their efforts. So if you must go 2.7 seconds on a bull named fumanchu, get'er done before the economy collapses or Yellowstone erupts.

5. Hang Gliding - even though I think hang gliding may be one of the dangerous things we do now, that would be very useful for alternative transportation after the apocalypse, it still is a very dangerous venture. Riggings fail, and winds do strange things, and this planet is riddled with trees and mountains and even the remaining buildings may get fatally in your way. If you were one that may try and use this method of transport after the fall of society, you may want to go and get very apt at doing it before the shit hits.

7. Swimming with Sharks/Cave Scuba - because I couldn't decide which of these two overly dangerous things involving scuba gear would make the list I kept them both as a group based on the scuba aspect of them both. Swimming with sharks is one of those things that people look at as insane, but usually it involves cages and overly trained handlers and whatnot. Traversing through underwater caves via scuba is considered one of the most dangerous things a human being can do, due to the chances of getting lost in the mazes of caves and dying once your oxygen runs out. So get these and all your other scuba related dreams out of the way, because I'm pretty sure you're gonna have a pretty hard time refilling oxygen tanks after the grids down.

So that concludes the second 7 Overly Reckless Things You Should Do Before TEOTWAWKI, if you haven't read the first click HERE. And if you liked this or the other, check out the other 7 Things Lists by clicking here or by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog. So now that they are both posted, that's fourteen overly reckless things you need to get done before the shit hits, let's hope someone does. And if you are one of those people that have done everything on both lists let me know about it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Overly Reckless Things to Do Before TEOTWAWKI

We live in a reckless time, and because none of us are asked to be primal or responsible anymore we do insanely messed up dangerous things in order to feel alive. This list is a small list of those things that maybe you want to do before the EOTWAWKI for safeties sake. So in no discernible order here's that list.

1. Skydiving - generally thought of as the grand poobah of reckless endangerment, skydiving is on just about every bucket list out there for one're jumping out of plain high up in the sky! While we are all told that skydiving isn't as dangerous as we believe, stuff goes wrong. Especially when you factor in surviving the fall lol. We have all heard the stories and watched the video footage of people plummeting to the argh and living to tell the tale. As terrifying as dying during a skydiving accident would be, surviving the perilous fall post-SHTF would be more terrifying, especially for anyone in your party. Where do you take your smashed up friend when there is no hospitals? To the nearest hole in the ground, that's where. Not to mention the most obvious reason this would have to be an addition to your "get it done before the fall" list, the plane, chances are that there isn't going to be a lot of operational planes after TEOTWAWKI.

2. Bungee Jumping - while bungee jumping isn't exactly a new idea, the notion of doing such a thing terrifies most of us and intrigues a small percentage of us. Even though, when asked, people consider bungee jumping a more likely activity they would spontaneously participate in over it's overly excitable plungtastic cousin skydiving, few actually go through with it. The thought of the cord snapping and hurtling us toward the ground with nothing but our faces to break the fall, scares the bejesus out of us. While there haven't been very many fatalities from bungee jumping mishaps, many injuries have occurred even from "successful" jumps. Many of these injuries not exactly bad, but in a post SHTF scenario could prove fatal. So bungee jumping is very much a pre-SHTF bucket list adventure.

3. Mountain Climbing (For Fun)- even though post apocalyptic wastelanders will nodoubtedly be doing some mountain traversing, but for fun? Probably not unless that wastelander actually had a death wish. Why? Mountains are tall, and if you fall off one, you usually die. Weird thing about mountains, not only are they tall, but usually made out of rocks, hard, jagged, skull crushing rock. Slipping and falling pre-SHTF is bad enough, slipping in the post is pretty damn bad if I dont say so myself. Also, pre-SHTF you could have a team of pros guiding you and taking care of you and making sure you don't die. Also, with the pros comes professional equipment. You know as well as I do, that by the time you're needing to climb a mountain post apocalypse you will have long past used all you para cord as shoe lace replacements, and will be using your homemade braided vine rope to climb your post-EOTWAWKI Everest.

4. Running With The Bulls - after the end of the world as we know it, you would probably only find your self running with the bulls in an effort to kill one for food, but before the collapse of society you wanna get it done to fully embrace life. One little known fact about bulls is that they a really huge and very aggressive lol, so armed with that knowledge you can safely bet that the probability of injury when participating in this long running tradition could possibly lead to you being trampled or even gored, injuries one doesn't want after Armageddon.

White Water Rafting - another one of those tasks you may just find yourself doing after the collapse of civilization, but again not for fun. Hard rocks again and raging waters this time, scary stuff when there's no one to fix you. Relying only on your basic understanding of biology and first aid, and using nothing but your basically useless beginners first aid kit, may be a little hard to swallow, but that's life post-SHTF. Nobody likes drowning, but after it all goes sideways, they may not be anyone to mouth to mouth resuscitate you.

6. Rolling Down a Hill in a Tire - a favorite past time of many the children over the years, dying down now that kids don't go outside anymore. Doing it now would be prudent, as it's wildly dangerous. Getting inside a tractor tire and flinging yourself down a hill, may sound easy peasy, but you're spinning at a phenomenal rate and have no real control over yourself or the tire, and that could lead to your demise if you have no one around when you're doing it. Not that I can think of a logical reason for you to be rolling down a hill in a tire post apocalypse haha.

7. Arrow roulette - a favorite event from SNL alumni riddled Adam Sandler joint "Grown Ups" arrow roulette is game where a group of guys (because only guys would be this dumb) get in a group and one of them shoots an arrow straight up in the air, the object is to be the last man to leave the area. I would imagine that stuff like this was being done by tribesmen thousands of years ago to prove their manhood, but with nobody to fix the impending hole in your body, you may wanna get this one out of the way now.

And because as a species we do sooooo many crazy things, while writing this post I came up with too many things for one article, so you can look forward to "7 More Overly Reckless Things to Do Before TEOTWAWKI" later in the week. If you haven't already and like this post, up at the top of the blog (or in the pull down menu if you're on a mobile browser), click on the "7 Things Lists" tab to find more outlandish 7 Post Apocalyptic Things Lists. Thanks for reading this, and don't forget to communicate by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Until next time here's hoping you can get all seven of these overly reckless things done before the shit hits.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

EOTWAWKI Movie Review "Hell"

Firstly, this movie is German made, which if I had known that I probably wouldn't have rented it. However, I gotta say I'm glad I didn't know that because I'm glad that I watched this film. Even though for the most part I hate having to read my movies lol, this movie was well pieced together and as far as could tell well acted. The scenery was grim and dark, well as dark as one can get when the sun is catalyst for the end of the world.

The premise of the film is that due to solar flare activity the earths temperature has risen ten or degrees and everything has either died or withered due to the lack of drinkable water. Within the storyline a small group of people interact with the post apocalyptic landscape and the other people in it. Situations from bartering water for gas, or fighting for you life, to people hunting people and kidnapping. Improvised weapons and on the fly tactics for evasion, retrieval and escape make everything seem like its actually happening. The pace of the movie isn't fast paced but it feels like its moving, probably due to the never ending end of the worldness of it. The small group of protagonists are constantly trying to circumnavigate the EOTWAWKI world and always coming out on the short end of the stick. One of the best parts of this film, is that every character in it acts like you would imagine they should act. It wasn't long into the film that I hadn't noticed I forgot that the film was in German and that I was reading it, it just kept me so interested in what was going on that I didn't care that I was reading the dialogue, but at the same time I could still feel all the emotion, anger and terror in all the characters involved. Like I stated earlier the scenery is very impressive, the filmmakers did a very good job of making the landscape look like it WAS the end of the world as we know it. Singed dried up trees and dusty desert like roads and ground. Dirty old everything, all the evidence of mankind and all mankinds supremacy, dirty and warn down, torn up by the remaining people looking for food water and fuel or anything else they can use to trade for supplies. The direness of the worlds situation is so evident in near every shot in this film, from the bundled up people avoiding being burned from the sun, to the lack of any wildlife to the importance of seeing a bird of all things, it is very evident that this world is in trouble and trouble for a long time to come. The film never even tries to portray a future that looks anything other than grime, which I like, as most EOTWAWKI films want to try and end with the "hero" of the film saving mankind and all humanity from the turmoils of post apocalypse life. Life just goes on, grim and bleak...but onward life always goes. But like the people in this story, I hope my people and I are the type that can keep moving forward, keep staying alive and perhaps one day, way in the future, bring humanity back from the brink, not because I'm so good I could save mankind, but because I can adapt t the situation at hand and help and lead my family through the darkness and back to a civilized society, stronger, because we saw humanity fall apart and almost destroy itself only to come or stronger the other side. But hey, maybe I'm just dreaming haha, but dams move humankind forward right.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Last week I started a blog that came to me as I mindlessly worked at my day job, a blog where people could anonymously confess to thoughts, wishes or fears that they have pertaining to the end of the world as we know it. I was thinking of this as I thought how I feared my youngest daughters autism would be a hindrance or at the very least a difficulty after the end of the world. I immediately realized the importance of this idea, I almost wanted to leave work and go home and start it IMMEDIATELY. But I didn't lol, but I did start it as soon as I got home. What I did do with the rest of that work day, was talk with people that understood the concept of theorizing about TEOTWAWKI and asking them their fears and thoughts on the matter. So along with some of my own, and those people's thoughts made up the first several "confessions" on the blog. I've since received other "confessions" I'm people not directly related to me in any way, so the blog is off to a legitimate start. After some start up "tweeting" I have gotten a few other preppers at least interested in the concept and hopefully with their involvement, even a tiny involvement, and word of mouth movement on the web, I hope that this concept can gain traction and take off, as I think that this can provide some good value to the prepping community. How so you say, well I'll digress lol. Through confessing our worries, thoughts, and wishes, we can learn how others, not us, are thinking about every aspect of the end of society. We often talk about violence and disparity after what ever event occurs, but we don't often go into deep, gritty, and dark details about it. We don't know how we each intend to specifically deal with these worries as well. The little details into how we all think could be the difference between surviving and not. So I think getting everyone's deepest darkest thoughts as they pertain to TEOTWAWKI definitely has a value, and really hope the community embraces and nurtures this mission of mine.

Here's a link to the blog

Check it out, and even if you don't want to partake or even see the value of it, spread the word to those who might, try and not to deprive those around you from the chance to be a part of something that could be great.

So now, with that said and explained, I'll just repost the submissions post from the blog so that if you feel inclined to partake in this movement, you will know the ways to go about it. Especially considering most bloggers that use blogspot are unfamiliar and almost afraid of Tumblrs format.

"Confessions can be light hearted, funny or even heavy, it’s up to you how real you want to keep your confession. But keep in mind that these are confessions and some people are baring their souls, so show some tact when submitting content. At this time I do intend to publish every confession I receive, but retain the right to disregard any submission at my discretion. Once you’ve submitted your confession it/they become to soul property of TEOTWAWKI CONFESSIONS and it’s operators and may be posted on sister-blogs and subsidiary promotional sites such as but not limited to , , and
If you would like to submit you own teotwawki confession(s) you can do so in These three ways.
1. Send it in an email to DUROGITY (at) GMAIL.COM
2. Tweet it as an @reply to @durogity on twitter, however this would take away some of your anonymity.
3. You could join the Facebook group and contact me there.
When submitting your confession write it exactly as you would like it posted. Also if you have a picture that you would like used, either send a copy to me or send a link to the picture along with your confession. If a picture or link to one is not included I will assume you trust my judgment in finding a suitable picture to accent your confession. "