Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Apocalypse Articles "To Do List"

As I've stated many many times on this blog, I am very "un all this stuff" lol, meaning I have very little experience with anything that pertains to surviving anything. So being that I intended this blog to be a place for beginners to follow along with another beginner, and for me to plan for everything and anything that I can think of out loud I've decided to make a list of blogposts that I intend to write as I A.) learn what is required for the article or B.) get to writing the theoretical posts. As I write the articles this post will become a launching board for all those posts as I intend to turn all the titles below into working links to the posts they are about as they are posted. But as for now these are all just ideas that I've thought of up to this date to write about in the future. If any of the titles don't convey efficiently enough to you what I intend that article be about, just leave a comment and I'll explain in further detail what that article would be about.

Building a simple garbage can faraday cage

Starting fire without matches
- starting fire with flint/magnesium/fire steel
- starting fire with light
- starting fire with friction
- starting fire with water

Acquiring Water
- Available Chemical purification, pros and cons
- mechanical purification, review devices
- collecting water from the field
- collecting rain water
- reuses for used water
- makeshift water storage pre-SHTF
- makeshift water storage post SHTF

Apartment Prepping
- Project Space, building added storage
- closet shelving for preppers
- post power grid refrigeration
- securing access points to your apartment
- gardening in an apartment pre-SHTF, the balcony garden
- gardening in an apartment post SHTF, the Penthouse Green House

Post Apocalypse Skills
- How I learned to ride a horse
- How I learned morse code
- How I learned to fish
- trying out fishing
- my first time ice fishing
- ways to prepare fish after TSHTF
- preserving fish in a post apocalyptic world
- How I learned to hunt
- what to hunt, and tips for dummies like me
- after the shot, what to expect
- dressing game
- ways to prepare game after TSHTF
- ways of preserving game in a post apocalyptic world
- trapping prey, a how to from one dummy to another
- trapping for breeding stock, worth the effort?
- How I learned to use guns
- first time shooting a gun/shooting range
- getting license
- buying guns
- Shooting something
- learning long range shooting

When Modern Products Run Out After TEOTWAWKI
- The Straight Razor, Shaving For Real For the First Time
- Making Soaps and Shampoos Yourself
- The Last Roll, Wiping After TSHTF
- Foot Sores Could Get You Killed, How to Cobble Shoes
- Hide Yourself Post SHTF, Creating Leather Products
- When You Can See Through Your Clothes, Learning How to Make Clothing
- The Girlie Girls Post Apocalypse Wish List
- Fancy Soaps, Body Washes, Body Lotions & Scrubs
- Perfumes For the Post Apocalyptic Gal
- The Makeup Kit, Lipsticks, Powders & Nail Polishes Oh My
- Bitchin' Hair After TEOTWAWKI, Hairsprays & Leave In Conditioner
- Ladies Don't Stink, Deoderants, Toothpastes & Mouthwash
- The Ladies Monthly Doesn't Stop For Doomsday
- The Ladies Straight Razor, Smooth Legs After TSHTF
- TEOTWAWKI OMG Its the Chocolate Post

The Post Apocalyptic Bakery
- Making Bread in a Solar Oven
-The EOTWAWKI Cookie Jar

Post SHTF Tradesman = You
- How I learned small engine repair
- How I learned auto repair
- How I Learned Basic Plumbing
- Zap! Electrician Post SHTF
- Elevator Repairman, Getting Lift After the Grid's Down
- Pa Bell, Can You Get the Phones Working Again
- Getting Power After TSHTF
- Harnessing the Power of Wind
- The Waterwheel, Hydro Power for the Wastelander
- Solar Power, As Long as the Sun's Still There

Sustainable Bartering
- how I learned to grow produce
- growing tobacco from seed
- Growing Coffee Beans? Is it Worthwhile
- Ye Olde EOTWAWKI Pub, learning to make alcohol for trade
- All the Spice in China, Growing the Afterworld Spice Trade

Post EOTWAWKI Medicine
- First Aid? You're the Only Aid, What to Do When You're Hurt
- MacGyver First Aid, Improvising in the Moment
- Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit, What's the Basics?
- Post Apocalypse Medical Prescription Coverage, Take Everything
- Post Apocalypse Medical Prescription Coverage, Shelf Lives
- TEOTWAWKI and Your Water Just Broke

Post apocalyptic urban survival
- Making Your Dwelling Seem Deserted
- All Access Pass to TEOTWAWKI, How I learned to pick a lock
- Every Guy Needs a Hot Ride, How I learned to Hotwire a car
- Kicking in a door, is it as easy as in the movies
- ascertaining your neighbors worth before and after TSHTF
- eviction ploys and/or planning, emptying your building
- team up or go it alone
- Is Ok to Scavenge Yet? When is It Morally Ok?
- setting urban traps to catch people?
- fortifying apartment building
- aftermath, what to do with your enemies bodies
- aftermath, what to do with your allies bodies
- Every Castle Falls, ways to bug out once you've lost
- advantage you, taking back what's yours
- post apocalyptic demolition, clearing your line of sight
- creating shelter once yours is gone
- In House Outbreak, Having a Quarantine Floor

ReStarting Societies Arts & History Program
- Learning How to Draw and/or Paint to Capture Life
- Beginners "Old School" Photography, Life After Digital Pics
- Post Society Historians, the Wasteland Writer
- Post Event Disaster Mapping, Where Not to Go
- The Peoples Printing Press, Societies Are Built Through Books
- how to make or build a printing press
- how to make paper
- how to make paper from used paper

The Unfortunates, when wasteland wanderers come a knocking

The Human Remnants of Military, Lawless Mercenaries at Your Door

Governmental reacquisitions, Should You Believe the Law is Back

O' Prepper Brother Where Art Thou? Encountering Preppers Post SHTF

Post SHTF Prepper Ham Network, How Much Could We Trust Each Other?

Society 2.0 Pros and Cons of Trying
Society 2.0 Should You Be The Starting Point
Society 2.0 Rebuilding One Town at a Time
Society 2.0 Restoring The Postal Service
Society 2.0 Restoring Communication CB & Ham Radios
Society 2.0 Road Block, Unwilling Townships and What To Do
Society 2.0 Crime & Punishment
Society 2.0 Leadership During and After the Rebuild
Society 2.0 Learning From the Empires, Don't Stretch Yourself Too Thin
Society 2.0 Bringing Essential Services Back to the People
Society 2.0 Education 2.0 - Teaching Without Books

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