Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Who What Where When Why and How's of This Prepping Blog

THE and by association, my family direct and indirect are learning all the skills to survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Whether or not my family chooses to "prep" for TEOTWAWKI or not matters not as they will learn indirectly when listening to me speak of what I have learned. Information goes in whether you want it to or not.

THE WHAT...Right now the what is this, prepping for TEOTWAWKI as a hobby. You can spout off as much as you want about needing to believe the end is actually near to be a good prepper, but I'm saying you don't have to believe that to do so. Prepping as a lifestyle is just not where I want to be right now, and it's what keeps a lot of rational, "normal" folks from prepping for a massive emergency event. I think if prepping as a hobby were embraced by the community it would lead to more lifestyle leaps than before, and everyone agrees that the more people that are prepared, the better we are all of. I think it's why a lot of people are "prepping" for a zombie apocalypse because you can buy stuff to fight off zombies without seeming like one of those crazed mountain men with all the guns and buys truck loads of rice all the time. You have a weird hobby, killing fictional threats, but no one takes it seriously because it's zombies, so it's ok to do it. Lifestyles freak people out, but hobbies just make us eccentric. So if you let hobbyists like me talk amongst other borderliners about all the cool stuff you can buy, or all the cool skills you get to learn, then maybe those people become hobbyists, then like me, in the future if I decide, I can easily make the switch from hobbyist to lifestyle in a nice fluid effortless motion.

THE WHERE... Right now I'm inhabiting a small town in the Northwest Territories of Canada's great white north. I more locally inhabit the only building higher than three floors in my town, it topping off at the 17th floor. This building is the most worrisome aspect of my EOTWAWKI scenario, being filled with nefarious falling down drunkards and or drug addicts, people that just wouldn't be helpful in an event of this size, and general useless people. Now don't get me wrong, there are many people in my building that are nice and would be worth saving, but I just don't know how to plan for such a unknown contingency. My town is hours from any town of any significant size, and at least half a days drive from an actual city... So taking a trip after a major event, with be that itself, a major event. Prepping, is important when you're this cut off from the "civilized" world. The where makes many challenges, simply put, being this far out from society causes pricing of anything to be quite most of my prepping has to be done solely online through online venders like survivalist store, eBay and amazon. Another aspect of living this high north, is the winters. Winters up here are long and cold, not any colder than most "COLD" places, but it's just harder to deal with up here... Because we're up here.

THE a big question that I'll explore on this blog. At what point after an event, depending on which event happens, do we deem everything a free for all, every man for himself scenario? I would assume that every town and city is going to have its own breaking point, and a part of my quest into knowing, is to try and figure my town out. What would you say is a good sign that your society has fallen apart, not society on a whole, but your immediate society. I kind of imagine being societyless if the police stopped being police and just stayed home to protect their own, as a good sign that my society has fallen. I hope it isn't day one, by I couldn't put it past this place to fall to shit day one lol. But that's something I have to figure out over the course of this blog.

THE WHY...many ask me why I am prepping without the belief that anything is happening, and my answer is fairly simple...I'm an impulsive information monger haha. TEOTWAWKI has so many things to learn or buy that as a person who enjoys learning random things, and buying nifty stuff, that I shall be busy with this as a hobby for a pretty long time before I have troubles finding something new. No matter how you look at what we should or shouldn't do after TSHTF but learning how to pick a lock or Hotwire a car, or shoot some guns, skin an animal, grow food etc etc etc....the list is never ending to the skills any one of us would benefit from learning in the event of a world wide catastrophe. This is why I see this as a hobby right now, it's a way to acquire knowledge and items that any "normal" person wouldn't require. But even if I never needed to know any of it as pertaining to TEOTWAWKI , all of the stuff is still useful in the event of any catastrophe, and the information if for nothing else makes me an interesting guy.


THE HOW... So, throughout this post and many others already, I have mentioned that acquiring products even as mundane as band aids or pencil sharpeners is an expensive task up here (simple metal pencil sharpener is $5 here). So travel to a major center or online shopping is the only way I can afford to prep, especially as a hobby. I can't justify spending the money some preppers spend annually being that I am viewing this as a hobby at the present. If I ever get the feeling that something is imminent I'll throw caution to the wind and spend spend spend. But until then eBay and Amazon are gonna be my best friends. But as far as online shopping for prepping tools or supplies I would appreciate any links you the reader could provide...especially when it pertains to the more cheaply priced items that would be in a bug out bag or EDC kit. You know, places online where little things cost a dollar or less (those items cost $4-8 here). Like I said, I spent damn near $100 a dollar at a time in the local dollar store when we traveled to the "big" city of Grande Prairie. The only thing to keep in mind if you could, not that I'll get mad if you don't lol, is keep in mind that I live in Canada and some companies don't ship here. So here's hoping I can purchase everything I need before the shit hits.

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