Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Learned First From The Walking Dead

I read somewhere (maybe one of you could remember for me as I'm sure where ever I read it, you've been there too) that as TEOTWAWKI preppers we should read fiction and watch movies or tv programs about Apocalyptic events just to see what other people think about the end of the world and what could happen...what to plan for. So keeping that in mind I started reading books about any kind of apocalyptic events, be it zombie, vampire, EMP, viral outbreak, nuclear war, etc didn't matter I started reading them. And as that elusive original poster that told me to do so had decreed, I do feel like I can better understand more scenarios that could happen and more preps I could have because of other peoples insight into what they think could happen after a major event.

So keeping that in mind, I started watching AMC's The Walking Dead season one just as season two finished (please no spoilers about season two, I haven't seen it yet). And I have to say I'm finding the story line and events that happen to be of some mental use as it pertains to a SHTF scenario. The general franticness of the whole series of events, the weapons and tools they use, the teamwork and sometime soloness of the remaining people. Insights into how people reacted to the beginning of the spread of the zombies and what people thought to take and what to leave was pretty funny, and how many people had no way at all to defend themselves worried me. Other than my own fists I have nothing near me at any time that could be a weapon, I mean I don't even own a baseball bat or a golf club. So if you can remember if you read it, that my first prepper purchase included a knife that had a Swedish fire steel built into it, and when I traveled to shop I purchased Gerber folding knife for me to carry with me at all times. Now I know in the event of a zombie apocalypse a knife isn't going to be a ton of help, but it's better than nothing. But that original poster definitely had it right, reading others fictional circumstances allows you to see what you don't have and should. I never look at any story like that the same way any more lol, it's kind of funny...I'll be watching a movie and something will happen, and I'll find myself thinking that "this situation wouldn't be much of a problem for a prepper".

So with that being said, what if any story of fiction has enlightened you to something your plan was lacking. I would really like to know, so you can rest assure that no matter how lengthy a comment you leave telling the tale of how some piece of fiction made you better prepared, I'll read the whole thing and appreciate what you learned, and more than likely assimilate that nugget of information into my plan. So here's hoping I hear your tale of knowledge from the imagined before the shit hits.


  1. The best book I've read... One Second After. I know you've read it too and loved it. Seriously the best book to open a person's eyes about a realistic SHTF scenario. One of the many enlightening things about the book to me was the need to have some marketable skills... being a computer whiz is a great skill to have... but in a SHTF scenario... someone with medical, military, hunting, sewing, farming, etc skills are FAR more valuable!

    Patriots by James Wesley Rawles is also very good. I don't think it is an "easy" read at all in that there is A LOT of specific details worked into the fictional story line. And honestly... there were times when I skipped hole paragraphs because I wanted to get back to the story. But it is an excellent "how to" book to have on your shelf.

    And a really interesting idea I discovered after watching some random tv show... I was flipping through channels so I don't even know what the show was... but I saw a person pick up an outdoor solar light out of his landscaping and carry it inside when the power was out. I literally jumped out of my chair and yelled GENIUS! The next day I bought a dozen outdoor landscaping lights at WalMart for two bucks each. Not only does the front of my house look great at night... but we have used them twice during power outages for ambient lighting in the house. The best thing is... in the morning we put them back out, and by the time it would get dark again... we had fully charged lights!

  2. Tithes little solar lights are great. I've got a couple projects using them that I fund on that I want to try and post here on the blog once I have... They seem like a very cheap useful product