Monday, August 27, 2012

Following Along @$40 Week ? +Heavy Mail Day

Because of the Canadian postal strike I have many packages floating out there in limbo, just waiting for me to open them. Today, two of those packages came, one of which was a MSR 1.1L AlpineTM Stowaway Pot which was TEOTWAWKIblogs prepping for $40 a week item about a month ago. Along with that I purchased a 32oz Nalgene wide mouth bottle, and separately I purchased the ever so emergency preppertastic impulse buy, the WaterBOB.

Firstly let's cover the Following Along @$40 a Week post portion, which was the MSR 1.1L AlpineTM Stowaway Pot. First off I would like to say that this is the type of item that I'm glad Alexander over at TEOTWAWKIblog has picked items to help people like me get completely prepped because I, at this time, wouldn't buy something like this on my own. At this point in time my brain is all about buying the cool tools, like crank radios, water filters and knives, not pots. The pot itself wasn't the only thing included on this purchasing mission, included were all the things you would need to use the pot ie; fire making materials and tools. Included were a couple of lighters, fire-steel and some tinder type material. So because I own lighters and fire-steel along with tinder (dryer lint stored in sealed straws, may post about that later if you are one of the few that don't know what that is), so I didn't have to purchase those items. Upon opening the package I was instantly pleased with the purchase. The pot is seemingly very sturdy, and has a simple yet well thought out design. The handle of the pot folds over the lid and locks the lid in place for storage. When you load the pot full of all your fire starting materials and tools the locking mechanism securely stores all your items inside, so that when you're rooting through your bug out bag for something you don't accidentally pop the lid off and dump your whole kit. It's very nice.

So when I was on Amazon and looking for that pot, I determined that I wanted to add on something, but what to add on...the 32oz Nalgene wide mouth bottle, that's what. I had had the bottle on my Amazon wish list for a while with the Intent to buy one or two for each bug out bag I make to carry water in, as they are the perfect size to fit most side pockets of most outdoors backpacks. The bottle itself is nicer looking than I thought lol, not that a bottle can be overly nice, but it's a decent looking bottle. For us metric Canucks, 32oz is essentially a liter of water. The plastic it's made from is a material designed not to leech chemicals into your water like a lot of plastic containers can do after prolonged use, these bottles are guaranteed for life not to leech. For what it cost me, it's a decent purchase, but again something I would have had a hard time purchasing if I wasn't already buying a cooking pot and wanting to spend about ten dollars more.

So the third item to be unpackaged today was the WaterBOB emergency drinking water storage system for your bathtub. A complete and utter impulse purchase. I'd seen this item first on on many EOTWAWKI boards or zombie apocalypse survival boards, and thought that for a simple time, it seemed like a good idea. The idea is, if the power goes down, and the city stops pumping water to you, you deploy the bag in your bathtub and fill from the tap before the water pressure is gone, saving you up to 100 gallons of drinking water to use after the water no longer pumps from the tap. So you may be saying, why would I need a bag to hold my water when the tub itself will do just the same? Yes would be the short answer, and many people on a state of emergency will have to do just that, but if you were like me and now have a waterBOB, the waterBOB will keep your wAter clean and safer from potentially dangerous particles in the air from keeping your family and you better off. Also, the waterBOB has its own pumping system built in so that you have the ease and control of a tap to fill bottles and whatnot. One thing the waterBOB definitely did though was be the most definitively crazy like item I've purchased to date lol. All the other stuff can be explained away as things I can use for camping or work or something, but having a big bladder for your bathtub? You can't explain that away lol. Buuuuuut, at least now I have one and now that I have it I may as well have it right? Lol. So that's my awesome mail day, hopefully I get more boxes of wonder in the mail soon, I love mail days.

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