Monday, July 30, 2012

Following Along @$40 a Week: Week 4 the Survival Knife

I gotta start this post off by saying, I really really want to buy the stuff Mr. Wolf posts every week, but so far I have had most or not been able to justify the purchase. This week is kinda with that and against it at the same time lol.

So two weeks ago, Mr. Wolf posted the Mora Bushcraft Triflex for $29.50 leaving $10.50 left over to bank for a future week. The post went on to list all the wonderful attributes that this specific knife and how well it's made and all that jazz. While I wanted to buy the well made, very useful wee little knife, I just couldn't. I already have my Gerber folder so at this time I couldn't justify buying something I already had a reasonable counterpart. Buuuuuuutttt, I could justify something I didn't have in the same category and price range, and that's why I was happy to buy a large Bowie knife from Winchester Knives. I figured I could stay on par with the $40 a week program and buy a similar item to the one of the week, and stay with in the price s range of Mr. Wolf's pick, it was actually only about $2 less. That knife came today, the box was huge, I thought maybe the was a shipping error, the box was 16" by 8" by 8 so I was like wtf is going on here lol, so I opened it. Inside there was about 6" of packing material, and in the bottom 2" of the box...a BIG @$&?ing KNIFE. (pictured below) the fantastically large blade is damn near the length of my iPad...good god my wife says, that knife makes me nervous lol. I assured her if I was going to kill her it wouldn't be with my BIG $@&?ing KNIFE, if anything I would push her down the stairs or something lol...I kid I kid. I gotta say though, I'm liking the unnecessarily large knife that for all intensive purposes I don't need lol...but hey, it's a hobby lol.

So with all that we cover week 4 the survival knife, if you're a follower of this blog and noticed that there wasn't a week 3 post, you're very observant and probably the only follower of the blog lol. Week 3 was the Bug Out Bag...Bag. And since I've just recently purchased a very similar bag, I skipped week three all together. And week five, was skipped due to technical problems on Mr. Wolf's blog due to Internet outage. So week Six better be a good one, and something I can buy....cause I really really want to buy what he tells me too.

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