Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Thoughts About My EOTWAWKI Blog

The Start of Something About the End of Something Bigger So here I am, starting  a new blog...weird  right lol, I know. I've probably started about twenty or so blogs in my life, but only  a few have made it past the delete button. Hopefully this is going to be one of those undeleted blogs.  If you have the misfortune of reading any previous incarnations of the blogger within, you would know that I have many and far reaching interests, and am a collector of imformation, ideas, and ideals....just freaking fascinates me why people do and/or know what they do.   After playing the RPG game Fallout:New Vegas (not really a game just happened lol) I was looking for imformation on the upcoming Fallout 4, and after seeing many links to TEOTWAWKI blogs and forums... I finally bit. And as of right now I haven't looked back... The entire notion of the end of the world as we know it is almost fun. There is soooooooo much information to assimilate from fire starting, to water purification, to bug out bags, to guns,mand hot wiring cars, picking locks, fortifying your house, navigating to wastelands, nuclear fallout, to canning. A never ending  stream of imformation one needs to know to be better equipped to survive whatever happens after TSHTF. So, I've read a few survival blogs, looked up some skills and watched the first complete season of The Walking Dead....and now I consider myself an expert for whom millions upon millions of readers will come to learn from, no...that's not me lol. What I do want to be is a guy not to much unlike me that has thoughts about the end of the world... Some serious, some with a little levity and hopefully a little entertaining....because that's the only thing the TEOTWAWKI  Is missing and that is "jazz hands" ENTERTAINMENT!!! Now granted I don't think of myself as the most entertaining person in the world (in print anyway) but I have weird thoughts about any topic let alone something with such wide reaching implications as this. Another thing that has caught my imagination in the whole end of the world lifestyle is the book series about the end of the world by Susan Beth Pfeffer (life as we knew it, the dead and the gone,the world we live in) which I loved. Which led me into reading The Hunger Games series, which is DNA post apocalypically.... Which lead to World War Z....then The Passage.... And so on and so forth. All this rapid succession of neato end of the world shtuff has given me something to do, something to learn, something I can actually use. Most other hobbies that I have participated in haven't been something that I could actually use. I hope that I don't become one of the crazy fanatics that everyone perceives peppers to be. I hope the most important thing to me is not my giant cache of military grade weapons, but do hope I learn to use and acquire some. I hope I don't get too carried away with hoarding food that I need to acquire another house to hold my food lol, but I do hope I am able to set up some sort of reserve regardless if a societal break down ever occurs, it doesn't hurt to plan for misfortunes as long as one doesn't dwell solely on the need for it.  I can see no harm in learning the skills I would need to know in the event of a complete societal breakdown... How could taking the time to learn how to pick a lock or hot wire a car or disassemble a rifle be a waste of time, when any of this information could be useful in any other situation. It's just interesting stuff to know. But what do I know, im just a weirdo on the Internet whom uses Pinterest to find cool Apocalypse tools lol.

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