Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Faking the End of the World

Since starting research on what I could/should do in the event of The End of the World As We KNow It, I have wondered how my town would fair under the stress of being cut off from every other place in the world? I mean every town in the world, depending on what event happens, will be cut off from each other, but living in northern northern Canada I live a ways away from the nearest town of any significance. So, if and when TSHTF my town will be a free for all with no real chance of outside intervention or even outside invaders. So thinking about that one day, I started to think about the idea of actually cutting off just my town from the rest of the world and making us think that the world had had an event that was essentially ending the world as we knew it. Like an experiment. And then. The experiment, I thought of how cool it would be in said experiment to cut off one or two other similarity remote towns and see how each individual town reacts to the end of the world. Granted, these are just thoughts, you couldn't possibly do this being that mayhem and bloodshed would ensue, and you just can't do that to people, but thoughts beget thoughts you know. So I began to entertain the notion that this experiment was a go, so what do I need to do to start. First I thought of all the things I needed to start such an endeavor. So I came up with this rudimentary list. 1. When do I want to have D Day so to speak? 2. In the event of the event what do I do about the first runners? 3. How do I contain the town within itself? 4. How do I contain the rest of the world from interfering with my towns? 5. How long do I want to oberve the experiment? So I started thinking about when I think would be the best time of year to "hit" myn towns with the event. The best time I thought would be the beginning of winter, before all the ice highways and winter passes are open. My logic behind that is this, it's the worst time of year to drive and be mobile in the north. Snows flying and people haven't quite got into the frame of mind to be winter driving, so there is more anxiety about driving long distances for those people that aren't comfortable driving in these conditions. Also, other smaller communities around these northern towns won't be mobile at all due to the lack of ice roads to cross lakes and rivers that leave them cut off from the rest of the world for most of the year. This will leave them out of the way, and less likely to interfere with our experiment. So that gets that question out of the way, so on to the next question. Keep in mind this is all happening in a fictional world where none of us care about what happens to all these people. So, in any occassion where mass hysteria is going to ensue, there will be runners, you know, the people that say "fuck this place, I ain't spending the end of the world out here where we will never get help!" and they leave town. Grab all there shit and leave. Not saying its a bad an somewhere like here, but this could be a problem for the experiment. So what do we do about this. The answer is semi violent imprisonment lol. Remember, we're not caring about the people, so violence is our answer. There's only really one way out of our town where you head south to move toward the civilized world and we as the controllers of this experiment could wait for the waves of people to come and then stage an attack on other people trying to flee....people within our group pretending to be other fleeing people. We could have a heavily militarized group ambush the fleeing caravan and with brutal pretend force decimate the control group. Thus scaring the actual people fleeing the town to turn back and return to town with the horror stories of the world outside town. Seems bad, but if this theoretical world was to exist its only going to get worse if we are to make pele think it the end of the world and everyone is on their own. Question 3 and 4 are kinda the same quests coming from either end. How do. Control the flow of information and communication coming in and going out of the towns involved. I figure we would need a very technical group of tech specialists to intercept all incoming and outgoing wireless signals and physically wire into wired lines going in and out. Telephones, television, internet and radio....all of it...we would need to control it to manipulate the people into believing their actually in the middle of a complete societal breakdown. Fake news, when it's available...spotty service....fake Internet filled with information about all the messed up things hapepening around the world...radio broadcasts speaking of local atrocities happening all around our small towns. The end of the world incarnate you now live on tv...must be real right? So information is covered, now we have to keep the townies in and the rest out....and that means surrounding the towns in highly militarized groups with the soul job of keeping everyone on their side of the line. So our hypothetical fake end of the world is now underway. Will utter chaos ensue? Will facing the ambush outside town, unite the town into a stronger community? Will people start killing each other once they realize no more food is coming, winter is setting in, and the power is out, what will they do? All these questions are what everyone that worries about the end of the world is worrying about. So in our hypothetical world where we don't have to care what happens to these people, the real question is, how long do we leave them in this pseudo apocalypse? Do we set an end date? Or do we let it go until there's one person, or one family? Just some of the thoughts I've had sparked by adding blogs and sites dedicated to TEOTWAWKI. Strange thoughts, probably thoughts I shouldn't be having, but they happened so I wrote them here...just an interesting look into the mind of me I guess. I've started writing a book loosely based on this idea, and hope that I can finish it one day...I think it would be a pretty good tale based on the few thoughts I have had not it so far.

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