Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Apocalypse Library - One Second After

One Second After by William R Forstchen

OMG <---- (ya, i just OMG'd) such a good book. Premise, EM-mother fucking-P....that's right, an EMP attack= scary ass stuff. Scariest thing about EMP, nobody dies directly from it, but almost everyone dies because of it. So this story revolves around America being struck with an EMP from issue attack by someone, who, no one cares, it's not important, the event itself is important because as many know, an EMP attack turns off America. What I love about this book is that everything that you could think of that could go wrong, was at the very least mentioned in this book....I mean everything. There was so many waves of all the different ways a human being can die after an event like this...makes me worry even more about such an event because I saw my family dying of almost everything he mentioned. I'll tell you what this book made me know...I KNOW! TSHTF I'ma kicking in the front door of my local pharmacy and shotgun blasting my way through everyone to get all the meds....not just the meds I need...ALLLLLL OF THE MEDS. meds will be important and I don't care, my family might need them, I mean I know my family needs some already, but all the pills they don't need, they may need one I take them all. This book was way better put together than I thought was going to be. I don't know what I was expecting, but this story had everything a good story needs, heroes, villains , hot chicks, kids, good doers, evil doers, cannibals, firing squads, a war within a war, loyal dogs, sadness, emotional triumph, emotional loss....everything.

Before I read this book (in like three afternoons) I was about a third of the way through another top listed post apocalyptic book, that was taking so long to read...eventually I'll finish it and tell you more about it, but a third of the way through that book I felt that I needed to not, and start another book that I felt I would probably finish sometime this year...and this was the book I started reading....and I devoured this book. Any time I stopped reading I couldn't wait to get back to reading it (damn work). This story was so much more realesque than the other post apocalyptic works I had read or watched, not that the other stories weren't as real as they could be, but this was just so riddled with torment and misfortune, and perseverance and triumph that it all just feels realer than other works I have read thus far.

So I will say this, if you have not read this book, read this book...go to the library take it out, don't have a library card, go to iTunes and download the book, don't believe in paying for stuff, go. Download a free PDF of it...steal a copy from someone you know or add it to you amazon wish list, just get it somehow and read this book. Do it now, stop reading this and go get it...before the shit hits for sure.


  1. Discovered you via Pinterest. We have a lot in common! One Second After is a fantastic book and I agree with you... everyone needs to read it. NOW.

  2. Thanks for finding me lol...after checking you out we do indeed have A LOT in common